Airport Taxi to Marrakech (Petit and Grand Taxis)

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petit-taxiThe airport is about a 10-15 min ride by “petit taxi.” Petits taxis are hatchbacks that go to destinations within the city and charge a lower price than the larger Grand taxis (Regular Mercedes Taxis) which go between cities and also from the Airport.
If you leave from the airport by petit taxi, make sure to agree on the price beforehand, or, better yet, have the driver use his meter (a taxi ride to Ville Nouvelle, Djemaa El-Fna or to Medina from the airport should be Dh 40-70, more at night). The meter starts from 1.70Dh before 8pm and 2.40Dh after 8pm.

In practice, most petit taxi drivers have agreed among themselves to an artificially high rate to or from the airport – most will quote you Dh 80 each way, and half again that much at night. As of late 2011 Taxis appear now to be quoting a very over inflated Dh 200 at night, and Dh 150 by day, trying to bargain a lower price is very difficult. They will try to charge even more (Dh 250-300) for groups, luggage bags etc. They can be very pushy and like to get you locked inside the vehicle before they reveal the price and will always demand the fare up front. Ideally you should try to pay no more than Dh 50 from the airport to the centre of the city for a petit taxi, depending on the time of day, number of drivers, and number of potential passengers. While it is possible to bargain with the airport taxis, in some cases they may agree a lower HGH price i.e. Dh 100, then stop mid journey and demand another Dh 100. Call the police if this happens (although don’t expect that to do much good). If you catch a petit taxi outside of airport (about a 10 minute walk), the petit taxi will use the meter instead of negotiated price.

If you leave from the airport by Grand taxi, there are no meters. Typically the set rate from Marrakech Airport to the Medina or Jemaa el fna (Main square) is 150Dh. There also appears to be no limit to the amount of people they’ll attempt to squeeze in! Outside of the airport if you are a group of more than three, the maximum for a Petit Taxi, then do negotiate you fee before you enter the Grand Taxi.

To give an estimate for travel within the city by Petit Taxi, Dh 20 is a good price for a 10 min ride.

If you are travelling from the airport to somewhere further afield (such as Essaouira), your hotel or guest house may be able to arrange a grand taxi to pick you up at the airport and charge a fixed price for the journey.

Always ask to use the meter (compteur in French); otherwise, you are just contributing to a culture of ripping off people. However, Taxi drivers will in nearly 95% of the cases refuse to take you if you insist on using the meter. Even locals often have troubles with drivers in Marrakesh, that’s how it is. Your only option to avoid this is using the buses which serve most destinations of interest.

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