Best nightlife venues in Marrakech

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Marrakech at NightMarrakech is one of Morocco’s largest cities and is a strong hub for tourism and visitors, given its exciting, exuberant and unique sites and experiences. With an abundance of market stalls, friendly locals and bargains, it may be forgivable for you to end up spending a lot, if not all of your time searching and trawling through the market regions. There is, however, a lot more on offer in The Red City and here are some of the best nightlife destinations for those looking to spend a night on the town in Marrakech.

Casino de Marrakech
A fairly relaxed gambling house, the Casino de Marrakech has proved a popular nightlife destination for tourists and travellers alike for years now due to its laidback approach to gaming. Casino de Marrakech offers players as many as 60 Jackpot Slots and Video Machines to choose from, paired with roulette and table games and even one of the casino’s favourite games; Texas Hold’em Poker. Tournaments are also available to buy into and although it isn’t for everyone, the casino even allows players to smoke indoors, allowing for even easier access to the casino tables.

If you’re not a casino aficionado, it might be worth getting some practice in before you set off. There are plenty of online casino sites out there to choose from. In fact, many of the online games which are available at can get an idea of what to expect in the land-based casino.
Of course, if the gaming doesn’t do it for you, then it might be wise to try out the casino’s very own bar and disco. This venue could be the perfect spot to start or even finish a night on the town with your fellow holiday-goers.

Royal Mansour Bar
With not one person conceding this bar is anything short of magnificent; it is hard to ignore such an inviting location when planning a holiday night out. While its prices may be expensive, it is worth the money given the expansive area you are allowed to enjoy whilst visiting. With a wide array of gardens and rooms to enjoy, it is forgivable to find yourself lost in the grand location that is the Royal Mansour and if you can afford it, it is well worth a visit!

Team Room Riad Yima
Not every night of a holiday has to be full of excitement, sometimes it is nice to wind down after a long day of sightseeing and with the Riad Yima you can do exactly that. There are several quilts, poufs and even benches that are cased with printed tarpaulin, to relax on should you choose to seek out this quiet destination. The chilled out tea room allows visitors to calm themselves down and prepare themselves for a quiet, relaxing evening by offering mint tea, available to drink on the patio, the lounge or the terrace, all the while settling in to one of the many books that are available to read.

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