Marrakech Cost Of Living

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For a European it can be said that overall prices are very cheap in Marrakech. The travel budget will be devoted mainly to flight and hotel expenses, any city in Morroco is much less cheaper than visiting European cities.

Sample prices
Here are some examples of prices of Marrakech so that you can make your budget:

•Fresh orange juice in the square: 10 dirhams.
•Dinner for two at an inexpensive restaurant: From 120 dirhams.
•Double room in a riad cheap: from 30 € per night.
•Double scoring highly in riads: From 60 € per night.
•A taxi ride from the airport Menara: Between 80 and 100 dirhams.
•By taxi within the city: between 10 and propecia 20 dirhams.
•Visit a memorial: Between 10 and 50 dirhams.

Normally leave between 10 and 15% tip in restaurants. In taxis if the driver has fulfilled the meter and the legality, it is not more than 10% leave a tip.

As in all Arab countries, haggling is part of the culture of the people of Marrakech. Except in restaurants, you will have to haggle (willingly or not) in each store and position of the city, especially in the souk.

Currency Coverter (Live rates at 2010.02.04 16:43:30 UTC)

British Pounds & Morocco Dirhams
1.00 GBP = 12.8670 MAD

Euros & Morocco Dirhams
1.00 EUR = 11.2388 MAD

US Dollars & Morocco Dirhams
1.00 USD = 8.16730 MAD


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