Palaces, Mosques and Tombs

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El Badi Palace
This elaborate 360-room, 16th-century palace featured ornately decorated rooms in its day, complete with gold, ivory, and marble. Unfortunately thieves emptied the rooms of their valuables after Meknes became the capital city in the late 1600s. The ruins are, however, well worthy of exploration.

El Bahia Palace
The stucco and stonework in the Bahia Palace is truly amazing. Mosaics cover the floors, while the wooded ceilings are just as intricately decorated. The entrance to Bahia Palace is near to the Place des Ferblantiers and some 150 individual rooms await inside. However, only a limited number of these extravagant rooms are actually open to the public.

The Koutoubia propecia photos Mosque
One of the most recognisable Marrakech landmarks, the Koutoubia Mosque features an imposing minaret that towers above the rest of the city. Hemmed in by well tended gardens and beautifully lit at night, the mosque harks back to the 12th century but is unfortunately off limits to non-Muslims. However you can still walk around the gardens.

Saadian Tombs
These tombs were not discovered until the beginning of the 20th century. They have been preserved unchanged since the glory days of the Saadian rulers. Unlike the El Badi Palace they were not destroyed, probably for superstitious reasons. The entrance was blocked so they remained untouched for hundreds of years.

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