Riding a Camel in Marrakech

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Riding a Camel in MarrakechPeople who had never been to Egypt or other countries of the region always asks the same question, Where can ride a camel in Marrakech?

The camel or, properly speaking, dromedary, has always been a means of transport for the inhabitants of Morocco, especially in desert areas of the country.

Where to ride a camel?
Unless you take a trip to the desert, the easiest way to ride a camel is going to La Palmeraie, the true oasis with a hundred thousand trees providing shade from the hot African sun.

La Palmeraie was originally an oasis but is payday loans no credit check now a large palm grove with lots of hotels, an equestrian centre, golf clubs and many very expensive villas hidden behind high walls. Many rich ex-pats and Moroccans live there.

To reach La Palmeraie can go by taxi or caleche.

Guys with camels wait around the roads and you’ll have to bargain hard not to be overcharged for a short ride, like everything in Marrakech, the price of a camel ride is also negotiable, To give an idea, you will have to prepare at least 100 dirhams.

La Palmeraie (Marrakech).

Visiting Hours
From sunrise to sunset.


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