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Morocco’s many contradictions

The sweltering hot winds from the Sahara desert made sticky with sea-salt sweep through the wide, luxurious avenues of Rabat, once known as “the Pearl of Morocco”. Morocco’s middle classes opt in to western consumerism And it is still a very attractive city, albeit a modern one, with ATM machines, McDonalds and other western chain …

Djemaa el Fna

The central square of Marrakech. It is fantastic, especially in the evening. Smoke rises up from the dozens of food stalls which all offer beautiful piles of vegetables, merguez sausages, kebabs, tagines and more. The cooks will call to you as you walk by, but take your time as you’re protected by the watchful eye …

Taxis in Marrakech

If it’s daytime, and you are travelling within the medina or the New Town, insist the meter (le compteur) is on. It starts at about 1 dirham 60. If they say it’s broken, tell them to stop and get out. There are lots of other taxis. The only ones you negotiate with are the Grand …

Becareful cycling in Marrakesh!

We thought it would be a good idea to rent bikes for a day and venture out to the Palmerai. Unfortunately, after cycling what seemed like the right number of kilometres in the requisite direction, we found nothing except for dusty building sites. Our time (and money!) would have been better spent catching a petit …


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