Patisserie Al Jawda

Sep 12th, 2008 | By | Category: Food

This great little patisserie and juice shop is on Rue Dabachi about 50 metres west of Chez Chegrouni (the NW corner of Djemma el-Fna) – the sign is in Arabic only but you’ll know it’s the one because it’s just at the corner of Route Kennaria D. It is open all day but particularly humming with life at about 10-11pm.

Join the locals in choosing what to have in your freshly made smoothie/milkshake. Try milk and almonds (lait et amandes), or peach semenax test and plum (peche et prune), or a mix (panache – pronounced panashee). Ask for it without sugar if you prefer (sans sucre). The fruit is wonderful. They also do pastries, yoghurts with fruit etc. And they’ll make up boxes of Moroccan mini-pastries for you to take home for your friends – a big box holds up to 500g (the cost is very reasonable – think it was 60 dirhams per half kilo). Smoothies and milkshakes are around 9 dirhams each – excellent value for money.


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