The Gardens in Marrakech

Aug 29th, 2011 | By | Category: Sights

This peaceful and beautiful garden was laid out in the period when colonialism was still a good word in Europe. In the 1920s the French artist Jacques Majorelle had it created complete with pools, banana trees, coconut palms, bougainvilleas and houses in a fantastic dark blue colour. The gardens have later been taken well care of by the French couturier Yves Saint-Laurent, who has added a private museum of North African artefacts.

Set slightly out of town the Menara gardens offers not only a pleasant escape from bustling Marrakech, but also has one of the most photographed settings of Morocco, which is most enjoyed in the last hour before the gates close. At this time of the day the place is also instant payday loans cleared of the crowds. It is designed as a summer escape from the incredible heat of Marrakech. It is adorned with both orchards and olive groves. The pavilion and the basin existed from earlier times, but the present structure was built in the middle of the 19th century at the command of Sultan Abu ar-Rahman.

The name “Agdal” comes from the Berber language and means “meadow on the banks of a wadi enclosed with a stone wall”. The Almoravids laid out an orchard garden in the 12th century. Water was brought from the Ourika Valley by a network of underground channels and ditches. Agdal comprises several linked gardens with one leading on to the next, including an orange grove and an olive plantation.


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