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The taxi, the best choice!

Once you’re in Marrakech and need to get through the city, the best option is to take a taxi. (Unless you don’t mind walking a lot, in the dusty heat and traffic). But be careful with the taxi! Here are some tips / ideas to take into account when taking a taxi:

Haggle the price before boarding!
It’s very important that before getting into the taxi that you bargain with the taxi driver, because in Marrakech there are no official charges, each taxi driver will charge what they think is right, or what they think they can get….. And if you see a tourist, you may want to charge much more than it the trip is worth.

For example, if you’re in the Jemaa el Fna square (which is right in the heart of the medina) and want to go to your riad (suppose the riad is a half-hour walk from the plaza) the trip should not cost more 20-dh (2 euros). It’s really up to you if you think an extra 10 or so is worth haggling over and remember, petrol costs are rising and prices do rise every year.

At night it is more expensive
The night taxi journeys are more expensive than days, although there are no formal charges to indicate this. When you want to take a taxi at night taxi drivers will tell you a price, and you’ll see that for the same route they will want to charge you double. Try just a little haggling, you should not pay twice because it has got a little darker!

Find yourself a taxi
In Marrakech, the task of finding a taxi is like going on shopping in the sales. We must look for many items before getting one, it’s worth it because careful buyers will get the best price.

Above all, remember who it is you who is going looking for a taxi, and not the other way around: often unemployed taxi drivers hang around corners and you will see by the way you walk or look that you’re looking for a taxi. Avoid climbing into these taxis, because it will be more expensive than if it is you who are looking for the taxi.

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